Growing up, I did not have much material goods at my disposal. This was exacerbated by the fact that I attended a boarding school, King’s College Lagos, where wealthy students liked to show off their new and shiny toys. My means of getting those “boy wonder” toys was simply to take them – without permission. This as you know is stealing. It became a bad habit for me as a teenager, taking things that did not belong to me just so I could fit in with my peers. As my Christianity took off and I saw fruits of the Spirit begin to manifest in my life, I noticed the stealing did not leave altogether. It became a  besetting sin. In those days of struggle I was encouraged that the more of Christ I pursued, the less sin had dominion over my life. One year when I was doing my annual thanksgiving fast, I noticed I had gone a full year without stealing. I had won. Sin had been defeated. I recall this testimony to encourage you.


God is in the Equation Too

It seems that each time you want to progress, some sin is catapulted to halt your ascent. But have you not noticed that this sin, ends up being your launchpad to the destiny God has for you? When your Goliath (besetting sin) shows up, thank God for without Goliath, you will not be able to achieve renown or attain ascension? How can you become King without going through Goliath? As insurmountable as the besetting sin giant may seem, it is simply God showing you that another promotion is imminent. Through your struggles with sin, He is about to birth a resolute fortitude in you. Victory can and will be achieved.


Fight On

That the Holy Spirit still tugs at your heart each time you are about to sin or after a sin you just committed, is proof that God is still with you. Your sin is too small to make Him turn His back against you anymore than your success can. That you still have the will to fight sin is success in and of itself. I say to you with everything in me, FIGHT on .

For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again : – Proverbs 24:16