Most modern presidents live in a bubble. This arrangement, not tied to their person, is simply a consequence of their position. Take the president of the United States for instance. He can’t really deviate from a well-planned schedule. It’s mostly between hotels and conference rooms when he is abroad, never in the market haggling prices. Its a life he signed up for when he chose to run for office, and a bubble that he must embrace if he wills to stay alive, for the good of his country.


The Bubble is For Your Deliverance

The position of Jesus, as the Savior of the world, put Him in a unique position, a bubble. He mostly went from a meeting to isolation in prayer, sleeping, and then boarding a ship to the next town for even more meetings. You never saw Jesus attend a political rally or run for office. Nothing’s wrong with this, but His bubble wouldn’t allow for that. You wouldn’t see Jesus hanging out at the whorehouse, or hear that He was selling at the temple. He was tempted in every way as we are today, yet without sin. He embraced His bubble. Contrast this to Samson, who, had he not broken out of his Nazarite bubble for Delilah, would have achieved so much more. Or Gehazi who needed prayer to even realize he was in a bubble of angels.


Embrace The Bubble

Billionaire investor, T. Boone, once said what helped him was that he went from the office straight home. No stops at the alcohol house. He embraced his bubble, and that created the separation between him and his peers. Just like the wife who, embracing the bubble of motherhood, caters to her children, hence avoiding the pitfall of a boredom-induced text party with her high school crush on Facebook and the consequential setbacks. Your peculiar position as a Christian has necessitated a bubble around you, which you must embrace. It’s for your good.

The angel of the LORD encampeth round about them that fear him, and delivereth them – Psalm 34:7