Settling down to write my School of Business exit exam; Lo and behold Petar Illic the illustrious Serbian and my best European friend came to sit right besides me. I do not deem this to be mere coincidence because I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason.
Throughout our careers in Uindy; I have been trying hard to sign Petar to a lucrative contract with a top European soccer club. The effort was geared at earning commission fees and also of course free trips to England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France to watch live soccer games. This contract signing thing is a hypothetical situation as Petar has inadequate soccer skills to accord him such honors as to done the Jersey of any professional team. What Petar lacked in terms of soccer; he more than made up for in academics. Petar is one of the most studios people I have ever met. He is in my opinion, one of the rare people who has the ability to match a great sense of humor with an always “down to business” personality. I believe his cumulative GPA was a 3.9 and he went for perfection in every test or exam he attempted. The question to Petar wasn’t “did you score 100% today?” but was “did you not score 100% today?”
Petar enunciated he had just secured admission into Leeds University in the UK for his Master’s. After that, he was going to serve with the Greek army for a year in order to validate his EU passport and then who knows? I thought it was interesting and spectacular that he had about five years of his life planned out. The exam ended; College is over; Woohoo! Now my troubles are over, all those classes, papers, tests and the like – Gone! Gone!! Oh forever Gone!!! Yeah right. Leaving the room after that exam; I felt very different, as the reality kicked in that a myriad of life changing decisions were to be made– and now. Who should be my attorney? (You heard that right), which job should I accept? Where do I live? What career path do I take? Where do we go from here? – Just to mention a few. Somehow, just sitting there besides Petar; I realized that this was not the end but the beginning. A beginning whose end would be determined by the choices I make now. In my last message to Uindy students titled “Don’t Buy Potential”, I made it clear that choice is a good thing. I encouraged students not to choose on the basis of opulence, ability and beauty alone but by Character, spiritual leading and natural affinity. I’ve prayed fervently and gone long trips down memory lane – and still do. And I’ve also considered my gifts and calling. Just over a month since I gave that message, here is my shot to apply this biblical principle.

I do not seek fortune, fame or power. I do not need big houses, fast cars and/or many friends. Like King David said in Psalms 27:4

One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to inquire in His temple.

When Jesus Christ returns or I finally lay my head down to sleep in His eternal bosom; may the cloud of witnesses bear truth that I lived a life seeking His Kingdom and its righteousness. That’s what matters when it’s all been said and done. A life dedicated to inspiring and exhorting Christians around the world to lead lives worthy of the higher calling is all that I long for. For this reason, I was born.