Growing up, I loved to eat the beautiful dishes that came out of the kitchen, but I didn’t like the process through which the dishes came. The experience of cutting bloody meat, the charcoal smoke, etc. Perhaps you too can relate. Yet, sitting in a kitchen, for a time of fellowship in Guatemala City, Guatemala, I experienced something different about this process. Why my host chose this kitchen for the meeting became apparent soon enough. We all sat around the stove, like spectators in an arena, as the alluring aroma of Mayan dishes wafted across the room and then out to the neighborhood. People were exhilarated by the delicious Mayan food in their mouths. It felt almost, like a Pentecostal experience.

Arriving in Guatemala City

Senora Pu

Manning the stove in that kitchen, the graceful focal point, was Senora Pu. A diminutive Guatemalan lady donning traditional Mayan clothes. A master at her craft, Senora Pu is a legend to her customers. She made the entire food preparation process look effortless. The grace and ease to which she made dish after dish, all to perfection, delighting her customers in the process, revealed a lifetime of preparation and practice.  Senora Pu excelled in her lifework of hospitality, of spreading happiness to people through her food, not just in its finished form, but also in its preparation. She made it all delightful to watch. This made the consumption and discussions that followed flow naturally as brethren breaking bread, rather than as strangers paying for food. Senora Pu did dance beautifully in her calling.

Working her magic with grace

The Master Did it First

The house Jesus entered in Capernaum was packed and those who could not get in, were of much greater numbers than those who did get in. Jesus opened his mouth, and beautiful words began to flow out of it, across the room and then out to the overflow. People stood in awe as revelation upon revelation breezed through their being. A feeling of joy, peace, and bliss enveloped them as Jesus’s words healed their spirits. The faith level in that room rose insomuch that a paralytic man was lowered from the roof and received his healed instantly. People left that meeting with their hearts burning with love. Jesus was not all hype, they thought. He was the real deal. He had exceeded their expectations. Jesus danced beautifully in His calling.

Senora Pu put up quite a show – Almost everyone wanted to take pictures with her

You Can Do it Too

You too ought to dance beautifully in your calling, you have to be master of your craft. You are called to represent your Father in heaven. And that plays out uniquely through your life work and your relationships. You are to execute your calling with finesse and mastery. You are to do it gracefully, making it appear effortless. And that takes a lot of preparation. It’s why Jesus asked you to “Exercise your faith”. In other words, to practise/ rehearse it over and over again until it becomes natural and graceful. Let’s get even more practical. Faith comes by hearing, so you should be reading the Bible and faith books today.  You should be reading emails like this one. You should be listening to sermons and listening to anointed worship music. You should be engaging in deep discussions that inspire, not abandoning the gathering of God’s people. Then you would be putting in the work. Then you can count on waking up some fine morning to realize you are not only prominent in your generation, but more importantly, you are dancing beautifully in your calling.

And immediately he arose, took up the bed, and went forth before them all; insomuch that they were all amazed, and glorified God, saying, We never saw it on this fashion. – Mark 2:12