God did a mighty work in Lira, Uganda. The Feast of Trumpets conference, hosted by Prophet Silver Obua was a resounding success. We saw many first time decisions for Christ. We were amazed and the vast number of people who traveled many kilometers by foot to attend. I preached on the message: Press forward. Tony Ledford, a team member who joined me on this trip, preached a message highlighting that “Time is Short”. Our biggest challenge was getting there because of the frigid cold that descended on the midwest. Many other anointed men of God were in attendance, and each ministration brought God’s glory down.

We had a man rescued from alcoholism and get reconciled to his family by the power of God. Women seeking the fruit of the womb were prayed for. Our God is so good. One of the things we enjoyed most, was the praise and worship. The people praised true African style, in ways hat was hearty and joyous. The dust from the earth rose as they danced. It felt like the shekinah glory of God had come down. Everyone we met were nice and hospitable to use during our brief stay. Below are some pictures from the event.