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How to Launch And Grow a Successful Evangelistic Ministry



Have you ever thought, how do I start a ministry? Or how do I preach a message? Well, after two and half years of working on this, I am glad I can teach you how, through this brand new course. Available only for the first two weeks of January and then it goes away till later in the year, as I have to teach the class with the students. You can pay $7000 in tuition to learn this over two years, or you can, in two weeks, learn the entire process for only $95 here. Can’t wait to see you inside the course.


Uche Unogu

Ask Uche Unogu why he studied and graduated from University and he won’t say he did that to get a good job, or to make lots of money. He will tell you that he, coming from West Africa with relatively limited resources, graduated with an American graduate degree just to tell others that if he could do it, they could too. And not just attend University but they can also achieve anything they desire in life irrespective of their background or past. Uche is a motivational speaker and evangelist who travels to cities around the world inspiring people to become better Christians. Uche grew up in Lagos, Nigeria before moving to Indianapolis, Indiana, to attend the University of Indianapolis (Uindy). There, he honed his Information Technology skills and learned how to effectively mine data, transforming it to information and insight. He also learned first-hand that the true reason for education is service to mankind. While in school, Uche organized and spoke at several events that inspired students to excellence. Uche received a Community Service award from the University 3 years in a row. Uche currently holds a Master Degree in Health Informatics from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). He works with Indiana University health as a Systems Engineer. He is an avid reader and enjoys playing competitive soccer. A dual citizen of Nigeria and the United States, Uche splits his time between Indianapolis and Lagos. Uche is also the co-founder of Onyx Ministry based in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he resides with his wife Ella, and 2 daughters.