Joseph was peculiar, his life is worth studying again and again. The guy knew how to take control of his circumstances because God was with him. His brothers sold him when they noticed he was beginning to take control of the household. While he couldn’t control their actions, he could and did control his circumstances. He went to Potiphar’s house, and without a dollar to his name, quickly took control of it. Then off to jail, Joseph went, and he took control of the jail too. He got out of jail and instantly took control of the Egyptian country. Fourteen years later, he took control of the known world. Nations came to him and gave him their money to get what he had. What a man!


Jesus Took Control

As a 12-year-old boy, Jesus took control of the temple, schooling experienced teachers on their craft. He once had to pay taxes, and so he invented what we know today as “mobile money” – summoning resources out of a fish. What a man! One time, he had to let the raging sea know who really was in control with those precious words: “Peace be still”. Judas didn’t need to kiss him to trigger an arrest. The Roman soldiers only needed to observe who was in control. Like Joseph before him, Jesus took control of the country, insomuch that his adversaries affixed a sign on his cross truthfully affirming him: “King of the Jews”. With no known degree, no prestigious connections and no large financial inheritance, he was able to control his circumstances because God was with Him.


Born to Control Your Circumstances

Does this sound like you? If that same God who was with Jesus, who was with Joseph, is with you now through the Holy Spirit, how much more shouldn’t you take control of your circumstances? Who gave birth to that circumstance anyway, and what does the circumstance think it is? Your current situation may seem depressing but remember, Joseph was sold into slavery, and he still maintained a mindset of controlling his circumstances. Yes, there is no money currently, but there is an ever-present God, your God. You are destined to control your circumstances too because God is with you.

Who art thou, O great mountain? before Zerubbabel thou shalt become a plain: … – Zechariah 4:7