Toughest times for me, have always come before major breakthroughs – that is why when people send me a message saying they are going through tough times, I always reply that the tough times will end but how would they have matured when it’s over? You see, tough times come to prepare you for your future. You can’t get a pure diamond without  subjecting it to the hot burning flames. To become the Father of many nations, you have to be willing to go through the ordeal of sacrificing your Isaac, trusting that your God will supply all that is needed for you to attain your destiny. To sit on the throne, you have to be willing to undergo the anguish of the cross. For you to take two steps forward, you may have to, in good grace, take a step backwards.

What do you struggle with today? What does it take for you to attain immortality? What does it take to achieve your life calling, to execute your life work. To look 20 years ahead and take steps today that will catapult you there?  What is the besetting sin you struggle with today? What keeps you up at night? What will you do better if you had the chance to do it again?  Why is the problem, temptation or sacrifice too much for you to face now? What will you give to transcend the ordinary?

You can, you know you can. You have an opportunity today to take a leap into greatness.  Yours is the Kingdom. Jesus Christ payed a huge price for you to have it. You inherited it the moment you gave your life to Christ.  Why choose to throw it all away – Why now? Are you not aware that you are about to breakthrough? Can’t you feel that the devil is throwing all at you because he sees God’s hand on you? You’ve been down this road many times before so surrender to God’s will. Seek Him more than ever before. This season of failure shall pass. You will come out stronger. Your God will sustain you. As you’ve said before, you don’t have a hold on Christianity – Christianity has a hold on you.