Does God Change His Mind?

In many biblical instances, we see where God purposes to do something and then repents of this. In fact we see where God implores a person or people to change their ways so that He can repent of what He has purposed. For example, in Jeremiah 26, God sent his prophet to prophesy against the Israelites an incoming doom. This was because the people had failed God. Yet, the prophesy also said that God would repent of his decision to destroy them should they change their ways for good. Therefore now amend your ways and your doings, and obey the voice of the Lord your God; and the Lord will repent him of the evil that he hath pronounced against you - Jeremiah 26:13 If so be they will hearken, [...]

Principles That Have Inspired Me Thus Far …

I was in high school when I heard from a sports teacher, the story of Hannibal. Hannibal was a Roman general who ordered the boats of his soldiers burnt after they had crossed into enemy territory. Thus ensuring that retreat was impossible. Either the army sank or swam, be victorious or be vanquished. The army eventually was victorious. While this story was used to motivate us to win a soccer game, I have since employed this strategy in many aspects of my life. For example, I refused to take the University entrance exam in my home town (JAMB), ensuring that I either studied internationally or became destitute. I was blessed to do ministry internationally partly as a result of that decision. In my experience with life, I've found that as [...]

How to Preach The Gospel

It was 3:00am in the morning. The disciples of Jesus Christ were gathered in the upper room, continuing in prayer and fasting as they had been commanded. Suddenly, the room began to shake. Tongues of fire fell on their head. They all began to speak with a different tongue. They spoke so loud, it awakened the entire neighborhood. The neighbors began to assemble outside the upper room to see what all the fuss and noise was about. They automatically assumed that these men had partied so hard through the night, they were now drunk. I mean how else will you explain this strange, erratic and mysterious behavior of unlearned men speaking in other languages. Peter came out and defended the group. He said, we are not drunk as you assume [...]

One Reason Why We Can Achieve

Yes there are possibly a thousand reasons why we can't achieve our God given dreams but what is the 1 reason why we can ? - just 1 reason. See my former soccer coach, Bob Kouril, said something to me during college recruitment that forever changed my philosophy. At a time I was fretting over how I could possibly pay $17,000 a year in tuition, He said "Uche the money for your education is available, you just have to give us one reason to give it to you". I ended up graduating without a dime of athletic scholarship money, but yet paid off all my tuition. See, the provision for the actualization of our dreams is available. We sometimes need to only show 1 reason, why we should achieve.

God’s new Generals

  It was but 5 years ago, when my brother was struggling with issues. A call of God so mighty in his life, he could not run from it. And like biblical Jonah running from God but later being used mightily to call a nation to repentance; so also my brother, finally acquiescing to the will of God, is now a messenger of the Most High. It was but 2007 when my brother would make God inquires with a fervency that made the panting deer jealous; yet today when he speaks, people listen, the devil runs and God’s kingdom is being established here on earth. It’s been 5 years of training, 5 years of ups and down. A seeming roller coaster from the cheerful mountain peaks to the depressing valley [...]

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