His Times and Seasons – Part 3

Very early in my journey of faith, our Lord communicated to me the importance of keeping a journal of what He communicates to me. The reason for this is when we write down what we receive from Him, as well as watch and wait with and through Him, it becomes plain to us by His Spirit. Often we are given the pieces of a puzzle to a picture (and seldom in chronological order). As we are trained to watch and wait with Him a pattern will emerge. What types of words and pictures do we generally associate with the seasons spring, summer, autumn and winter? For example, when we hear the season spring, we associate the following words for this season: awakening, delight, hope, renewal, thriving, flourishing, refreshing, joy, birth, [...]

His Times and Seasons – Part 2

Seasons are times, and places and circumstances where our faith is tested, where we are pruned, where the fruit of the Spirit is developed and we mature as Christians. That is, seasons are a tool our Lord employs to establish, strengthen, refine and sharpen our faith in Him. He is teaching us about obedience and faithfulness, commitment and endurance. After all, we are running a race of endurance and not speed where we are trained to build our spiritual muscles: faith, hope and love (which the Bible communicates will remain), and we are prepared for things to come. (Jas. 1:2-4, 1 Corin.13:13). When I explored the meaning of the word “remain” in the Oxford dictionary, it was interpreted as “to endure, abide, persist, stand, prevail, and tarry (to wait, linger [...]

His Times and Seasons – Part 1

I am in awe of how our Lord employs His times and seasons in our lives. He recently impressed upon me the key to understanding His timing and season in our lives is submission, obedience and discernment. Submission, obedience and discernment are all significant subjects and many books have been written about this, and hence, it cannot be adequately covered and discussed in a few blog posts. I will endeavor by His grace to communicate what He has revealed to me and pray He will minister to you in your journey with and through Him. Just as we have chronological seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) in our natural realm our Lord has planned His seasons for our lives, including where we currently reside: Country, region, location and environment. (Ephesians [...]

Why Another Responsibility?

At the time my daughter Esther was born, I thought I was doing everything right. I faithfully showed up daily to the same job at the local hospital. A job I got upon graduation from University. I did more than was required of me but my salary stayed the same. It seemed high at the time I took the job, but with a wife and 2 children to support, the salary had fallen grossly inadequate. To compound matters, the hospital sent me huge bills for Esther's delivery. So in earnest, one hand was giving, and the other hand was taking away. I don't blame them. You will agree with me that it's hard for companies to give a raise. Why? Your guess is as good as mine.   Responsibility Breeds Provision By [...]

Live fully in the present, but be mindful of the future

Have you seen the movie 300? It is the story of how King Leonidas and 300 brave Spartans went into battle against a 100,000 strong Persian army - and almost won. It is one of my favorite movies because it reminds me of the actual battle Gideon fought with the Midianites in the Bible - and won. Gideon with the 300 men recommended by God, won a resounding battle over a Medianite army as vast as Grasshoppers in a valley.   The Criteria Prior to the battle, God ordered Gideon to send home any soldier that was afraid. 22,000 full grown men immediately took the offer to be honorably discharged from the military. Yet the soldiers left were still more than what God had in mind. So in typical God-style, He set the [...]

The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

In my daily Bible reading, I've discovered a trait too loud in its silence. This trait expresses itself as cool, calm and collected in dire circumstances, under intense provocation. It exudes self control, composure, and steadiness when the stakes are too high and the margin for failure is thin. This trait is meekness. The man who possesses it is the de facto leader of his peers. It's no wonder the Bible says the meek shall inherit the earth. Why shouldn't they? Consider with me, the life of Moses. Moses  was the most meek man on earth during his time. Meekness means he did not easily take offense, he was humble, easy going, teachable and patient even under provocation from others. He forgave readily. He had an excellent spirit. You could see him constantly on [...]

The Calling, The Equipping and The Establishing

As a 15 year old in high school, I had read about paying particular attention to that thing you do which people applaud every time. (By the way, this advice still rings true for you today). For me, it was inspirational speaking and writing. And so I honed this skill, improving as much as I could but then I met a brick wall. After graduation, there just wasn't an audience. There was no doubt God had called me and equipped me, but He was yet to establish me. This is a key point, hold this thought as we proceed. Called and Equipped His parents named him Bezaleel which means "In the protection of God". (Exodus 31:2) He was born without deformity. Heck he was even of the tribe of [...]

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