A Quiet Faith

Luc, a believer in Haiti, and I had to figure out ourselves quickly. The bus company we wanted to use from Port-au-Prince, Haiti to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic (DR) just confirmed they were full, there was no more space for us. Worse still, I didn't have cash with me, at the time, to pay the fare. And my credit cards were not authorized to work in Haiti. I had nothing on me but a quiet faith that God sent me to the DR, and so, He would open that door for His name. This quiet faith has distinguished me thus far in my life. Owing to my long and intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, I've watched Him come through on so many occasions, I knew this one could not be [...]

See it, Believe it, Achieve it – Lesson From El Salvador

El Salvador is an abbreviation of the word "El Salvador del mundo" which means "Savior of the world". My Salvadoran host, Adan, a man who drove me around the city for hours, explaining every nook and corner, explained this to me. Adan has a small family and a thriving hotel business. Our discussion centered around the fact that he became successful because he was able to see. He had the opportunity to travel outside of El Salvador when he was younger. This allowed him to see things that were different from what he saw growing up in his country. From that experience, his expectations of what he could achieve started rising. He started believing that he could do more with his life - and he did. He beat all childhood [...]

Dance Beautifully in Your Calling

Growing up, I loved to eat the beautiful dishes that came out of the kitchen, but I didn't like the process through which the dishes came. The experience of cutting bloody meat, the charcoal smoke, etc. Perhaps you too can relate. Yet, sitting in a kitchen, for a time of fellowship in Guatemala City, Guatemala, I experienced something different about this process. Why my host chose this kitchen for the meeting became apparent soon enough. We all sat around the stove, like spectators in an arena, as the alluring aroma of Mayan dishes wafted across the room and then out to the neighborhood. People were exhilarated by the delicious Mayan food in their mouths. It felt almost, like a Pentecostal experience. Arriving in Guatemala City Senora Pu Manning [...]

OneAmerica Cares – Deeply

I recently was privileged to volunteer a few hours at the Children's Theraplay in Carmel, Indiana. A nonprofit rehabilitation clinic that uses Hippotherapy (treatment with the help of a horse) to help improve the quality of life for children with special needs. I and a team from OneAmerica cleaned out an indoor area that was to be used for fundraising, as well as performed some landscaping outside. Some of the children waved at us as they undertook therapy, which was touching. I read that some of these children said their first words or took their first steps there at the Theraplay. Education for Service While I raked leaves at the clinic, I thought about OneAmerica and it's culture of service to the community. This resonated with the motto of my Alma Mater, [...]

Painted Over

Painting over the brown paint on the wall in our guest room appeared daunting to me. “A lighter color won't do it justice,” I thought. So, I decided to paint it navy blue. As I painted, I watched the old brown color give way to the newer navy blue. I had to brush over the wall a few times to get the brown to disappear completely, but the instant satisfaction felt good. In that moment, I thought to myself, “how many times has this wall been painted since the house was first constructed?” Nine times perhaps, even more maybe. Yes, I was painting a fresh blue coat over the wall; but I also knew that the brown color, the color it replaced, and the ones painted before it, were still [...]

The Depths of The Sea

Abudu gave his life to Christ at a pretty advanced age. Now that he was retired and living with his daughter, he spent most of his waking time sitting on his rocking chair and reading his Bible. Every now and then he would begin to shout as a revelation hit him. He would then call his daughter, Liz, to explain what God had just revealed and what he was so excited about. One day, Liz was going to have her work colleagues over. So, she moved dad to the attic where he wouldn’t disturb their party. "Dad, please don't say anything or shout while my colleagues are here," she said. She seized his Bible and replaced it with a geography book, intending dad could not get any new "revelations" and [...]

Forgiven by a Touch

Amidst the raucous Uindy crowd cheering on their Greyhounds swim team to victory, I pushed my way slowly out towards the exit. Then I felt a gentle touch on my shoulder. Turning around, I was met with a smiling, understanding and compassionate face. I smiled back and walked briskly towards the exit. I recognized that face. So full of forgiveness. That face belonged to the mother of my then university roommate. She'd heard of me and how God had used me to baptize her son. But I also had inadvertently hurt her family in a subsequent decision I made. Yet in that quick moment of recognition, I felt free and affirmed. Forgiven by a touch.   Set Free by Forgiveness Jamie fell to his knees and wept uncontrollable as the [...]

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