Learning on the Job

As an undergraduate student,  I had no previous experience or preparation for the menial jobs I undertook. I needed the money. I figured I would either swim or sink in it. As others worked, I watched closely and did what they did. This helped me hold jobs long enough till I could pay school fees. I learned on the job. I had to   Ready but didn't know it  Moses was being called upon to rescue the Israelites? Wouldn't that need months or even years of training? To the carnal mind, it does, but the needed training had already occurred. While Moses was herding sheep, and supporting his family, God was teaching him to be a leader and a servant. While Moses was content to serve his father-in-law Jethro [...]

A Slight Change in Perspective

I get to mow the lawn most Saturday's. I use a small lawn mower, and it takes about 5 hours of my waking time to do a great job with the lawn. And of course, I still have reading to do, I have a post to write, I have a family to raise - complete with homework and the practices. You know them - Soccer, swimming, piano et al. I have lots of messages to respond to as well as visioning to do for the people I lead. Shouldn't I complain that it is too much? No. I noticed that when I complained about it, I became stuck in the rut. If I instead slightly changed my perspective and embraced the challenge, counting it a privilege, God expanded my capacity to [...]

Word Don’t Lie

As I was prepping to write this post, a friend on Twitter sent me a message asking, how could he be sure he was in the right religion. Which is, how can He be sure of His faith. One might expect me to delve into theological rhetoric to prove a point or dig deep into historical archives to show that he is in the right faith. My answer was simple: "because the Word says so and: Word don't lie". (Adapted from the popular saying, "Ball don't lie"). My friend responded after a while saying: "This really helped me". The Holy Spirit spoke to Him through the unfailing word of God.   Word Don't Lie One time, Moses marched to Egypt armed with a staff, and God's word. Moses had [...]

Fight On

Growing up, I did not have much material goods at my disposal. This was exacerbated by the fact that I attended a boarding school, King's College Lagos, where wealthy students liked to show off their new and shiny toys. My means of getting those "boy wonder" toys was simply to take them - without permission. This as you know is stealing. It became a bad habit for me as a teenager, taking things that did not belong to me just so I could fit in with my peers. As my Christianity took off and I saw fruits of the Spirit begin to manifest in my life, I noticed the stealing did not leave altogether. It became a  besetting sin. In those days of struggle I was encouraged that the more [...]

It is Hard To Go To Hell

As a youngster, I and a friend decided to go sell books we did not own to pay up a bully. We decided to stop and ask someone we thought was proficient in selling books. This gentleman, Jel, gave us directions quite alright but then he disappeared and told other students that we had gone to sell books. Fortunately, we did not sell the books but instead played video games. When we returned, it was as though the entire school knew what we had been up to.  It was embarrassing to myself and my family . In retrospect, I believe God stopped us from selling the books by sending Jel, who reported us. Rebelling against God's Warnings Balaam thought it OK to flirt with the enemy of God's people just for a paycheck. King [...]

Why Inspiration Is Not Permanent

When I first started reading the word of God in earnest years ago - in conjunction with Christian books, I noticed I was full of inspiration. I thought this inspiration would last me a lifetime. Boy was I wrong. I noticed how I made uncharacteristic mistakes, wrong decisions, some days I was irate and sinned grossly. This was confusing to me, had I not loaded up on inspiration, enough to last me a lifetime, or enough to last me for the next 3 years? God was teaching me why inspiration is not permanent. It must be renewed daily. You can't depend on yesterday's inspiration to carry you through today any more than yesterday's shower can carry you today or tomorrow. Everyday I ought to bath, everyday I had to renew [...]

The God of The Future

Here is a testimony I received recently: "I thank God Almighty for keeping me safe from an accident this morning, I was driving with my colleagues to work this morning on a double lane road, there was a vehicle at my front blocking my view, so I tried to pull out so I can overtake it, the moment I did, I just saw another vehicle coming at me with top speed and in a short distance, till now, I don't know how I managed to dodge it without collision, nobody was hurt, not even a single scratch on us nor the car, I just know it was God at work and I give him all the glory". - Esene. God is Not Through With You Yet Yes, it was [...]

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