Punjab India 2017 Crusade – Happy Thanksgiving

It's been a few weeks now since I returned from the gospel crusade in India, and I’ve had some time to convalesce. I wasn't physically sick per se, but I was mentally drained and spiritually exhausted. I needed God's refill, and in true fashion, He did not fail. There was a backlog of items on my desk here at the Onyx House that required my attention. Hence, it took me awhile to get back to writing…I'm glad to write to you again.   A Heart Full of Thanks My heart is full. It's full because of the 200+ people who put their trust in Jesus Christ for the first time. It's full because of the woman who experienced God's healing touch, whom I visited and prayed for in the hospital, [...]

Ignore Not The Unlikeliest of Places

While I was mowing the lawn of the Onyx House (Ministry Center), an elderly man (pictured) whom I had met a few years ago saw me, parked his car next to me and we started conversing. He asked me to pray for him, that his heart no longer wander from the Lord. He then asked what I was doing these days. I told him I was getting ready to travel on an evangelistic trip abroad. I told him of the journey so far and how people were responding to provide buses that will bring people to the crusade ground. With tears in his eyes, he reached to his pocket and brought everything that was in it. A total of $42.00 and placed it in my hands, he said use this [...]

The Genius of the Holy Spirit

As a young adult many years ago, I recall making a left turn at a light while it was yellow. I heard a loud a screech followed by a bump on my rear that propelled me forward. I had just been in an accident. I did not yet have car insurance so my reflex was to hasten my forward momentum. Just then, the Holy Spirit reminded me words my dad said to me as a boy: "Uche, don't run away from problems. It's either it (the problem) will kill you, or you will kill it, but don't run". I stopped immediately, and called the Police. Oh, the genius of the Holy Spirit.   Don't Settle A few weeks later, I sat in a courtroom with other youngsters. One by one, we were [...]

God is Doing Something … 

God is using this season of life to work on you to be better. He is making you better. Teaching you patience and to trust in Him. He is listening. He is very close to the broken hearted and to those with a repentant spirit. He is near you now. Getting a visa to Canada is not proof that God loves you, you know? God's will is the only place you want to be. Be it in Sudan or Afganistan or Iraq. In God's presence is where you always want to be. Seeking His face. Embraced by His love. Hidden in the cleft of His rock. Savoring of His approval. What of those abroad today who are lonely and miserable! Looking for someone, anyone to talk to them? Yes, as [...]

This Bleak Clouds Will Give Way to an Enduring Light

Entering high school (secondary school), my admission was sent to Queens college, Yaba, an all girls school. This because the person in charge of admissions made a mistake and wrote Uchechi instead of Uchechukwu. They both mean the same thing "The heart of God" but the former refers to a girl.  This delayed my start. It was difficult to stay home while others were in school because of someone's mistake. I was sent to an underfunded seminary to pass the time. It was easy then to believe that God did not like me. Maybe He had singled me out for punishment because I took $5 from my dad's pocket without telling him last year. Graduating from King's college years later, I could only thank God for that mistake and the [...]

Keep Moving Forward

It used to be, that I produced 3 writings a week, the 3rd one being an audio and video production. Back then, 3 years ago, not many were listening, but I wrote because I was called to do so. If only one person is blessed, I thought to myself, that is worth it. Then God brought an audience and instead of increasing, my writings dwindled to twice a week, and then crawled to one letter a week. Today, it hovers around one letter every two weeks. Irrespective of, I keep producing. Even if my writing stalls to one letter a month, I keep moving forward why? Because of a call.   Growth Births Setbacks Jesus experienced the death of John the baptist, a major setback for him. He had people disbelieve him, especially those from [...]

God is With You And That Makes The Difference

This is the first time I am revealing this, but I was once put into a poor, low-achieving, seminary high school. And that in an unknown part of the world. This was done to restrict me but through a miracle, it lasted only for 3 months. In retrospect those that put me in there did not know I would travel the world preaching the gospel some day. So unbeknownst to them, they did give me the only seminary experience I can claim today (smiles). What they meant for evil, God meant for good. God was with me through it all, and that made the difference.   From Prison to Priest My case is  not uncommon. Joseph was sold to slavery by his own family. They hoped to get rid of [...]

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