India Crusade 2015 – Confidence in God

Provision in its smallest form requires thanksgiving and a confidence that the God that provided now will provide again, even bigger. That's why, when David faced Goliath, he had confidence that the Lord that delivered the bear and the Lion into his hands, will do the same with this uncircumcised Philistine. It's the confidence I just had as I attempted to salvage a situation with my mom's car, just before I sat down to write you. One of the front tires had irrevocably declined and needed to be changed. Stuck at night in a gas station without the know how to maneuver, I had nothing but confidence that God will come through. God's Provision And He did. I didn't even pray, I just believed. Eric pulled right next to me on his way into [...]

Thank You For Your Compassion

Shaun Groves travels widely to speak and sing just so children are released from poverty. I am happy to partner with him, Compassion International and University Heights Baptist Church to host "Night of Compassion '15 ". The event will be held on Sunday November 15th 2015 at 10:30am. You can find out more here. If you are around the Indianapolis area, please drop by. I will be so happy to see you, and chat with you, and perhaps pray with you. There is no charge. Shaun speaking at the Night of Compassion 2012 event. The Life of a Home Builder Perhaps she married a man of substance. She left her parents, everything she knew and loved since her youth to follow him. To the big city, where he went [...]


The crowd was seated and enthusiastic. As I looked out to the beautiful faces, I mostly saw young men and women, that was expected. What particularly caught my attention were the ministers seating in the front row. Nodding their heads in agreement, shouting an occasional 'Amen', throwing their hands forward in salute of a revelation. Hands supporting their chins, eyes squinted as they took in the message. My voice grew louder as I heard them, a bounce came into my step as I saw them leap to their feet to rejoice. This I thought was what it was meant to be. A community of Pastors supporting each other for God's glory - Harambee. I was asked to preach 6 sessions over 2 days, but I humbly declined, opting instead to [...]

Praying For Kenya With Love

When I first came to the United States as a student of the University of Indianapolis, many years ago, I met a gentleman by the name of Ken Mosongo. Ken is from Kenya. Yeah, I know. That's what I thought too, Ken from Kenya? What a rhyme. Ken and I worked long hours in the school kitchen. We studied together in its labs on weekends and late into the night. We taught ourselves how to make cheap international calls. We fretted about how we could pay our large tuition bills and what we would do if we became dropouts. Those were not easy days but we made them fun days.  Since Ken, I've met many Kenyan's and they've been friendly to me. I see them as my brothers and sisters. [...]

Punjab India – 2014 Crusade Report 3

This is the final installment of the 2014 crusade report in the Punjab, India. If you missed the previous installments, you can read them here: Part 1 | Part 2.   Day 3 We had breakfast with a new family and fellow-shipped with them. Like many other families we met, the husband had gone abroad to work and was sending remittance back to his wife and children. The husband came back once or twice a year to visit, and that for short stints. For you and I, this may be a hard way to live, but people in the Punjab thrive under this. There is prestige in this even. We proceeded to some site visits in Amritsar, amongst which was Jallianwalla Bagh, where many Indians were massacred in [...]

Punjab India – 2014 Crusade Report 2

In part 1 of this report, (see here if you missed it), I mentioned I would give a day to day account of the evangelistic mission to India. Here goes: Day 1 I was picked up at the Amritsar airport by Pastor John Lubhaya, his son William and Pastor Manahor. We went straight to business, attending a Pastors meeting where I shared a short sermon and mingled with the pastors who had worked hard together to put the Crusade together. Then we drove to a location about 1km from the Pakistani border where I delivered another sermon at a local Church. The audience was young and so I decided to mostly utilize inspiration. After the meeting, we were presented with some local delicacies. Chapati, Rice and a variant of [...]

2014 Crusade Report, Punjab India

It's been several months now, since I sat in the living room with my dad and brother watching Anthony Bourdain waltz through the Punjab on CNN. The show was beautiful, the colors of the place, livid, and the food? Mmmmmm... You could almost taste it's goodness from the TV screen. The division of India into two states, India and Pakistan by the British, highlighted on the show, struck a chord in me. I decided to do some research on it and through that, learned a bit more about the Punjab. Over the next few days, my brother, dad and I made pleasant jokes using the word "Punjab". We just loved that name. View the Pictures here.   An Invitation Came A few weeks after watching the Punjab show on [...]