God Always Takes Care of His Own

As we proceeded to the supermarket checkout a few hours ago, my 5 year old Esther asked loudly: "Daddy when are you ever going to get a job?" Lol. The people around me laughed. A gentleman in front of me apologized. I too shared in the laughter. Little Esther's mind was thinking: "How is daddy going to buy me things he bought for me before, if he no longer has that job?". Fair thought. She did observe I had left a good career to answer my calling into full time ministry. When we got home, I saw a refund mail waiting on my desk for $351.68. This will go to fund the air ticket for my trip to India next month. Speaking of which, if you are around Northern India, I will [...]

From Passion to Compassion to Harvest – Night of Compassion 2015 Report

God has done the miraculous this year. Thanks to your generosity, over 10 Children were sponsored and released from poverty in Jesus name. This happened at our recent "Night of Compassion 2015" event in Indianapolis. In addition, we also raised $500 so another child without parental support can have the opportunity to reach a higher potential in Jesus name. You are already receiving a harvest here on earth but you wait till you get to heaven and hear God say: "As you did to the least of these, you did for me". Nothing like it.   #MovingForwardTheBook Giveaway Please join me in congratulating fellow community saints: Destiny Pal, Tshidi Bayana, Victor Sirengo, Grace Emenogu and Ishaku Israel, on winning copies of the book (kindle version), Moving Forward by Stephanie Ike.   Jesus, Light of [...]

Yes It’s Hard, But God is Harder – India 2015 Report

Elijah, had just done the impossible, he made history. Thousands witnessed him call down fire from heaven. He defeated the servants of Baal. The whole of Israel was abuzz with what had just happened, and God's children were encouraged greatly. But here Elijah sat, depressed and asking God to take his life. This life of being a minister is hard he thought. Little Jezebel had threatened him and he was on the run. How could it be that the man of God who called fire from heaven was discouraged and afraid? Yet this is the life of many ministers. In fact it is the life some Christians live. Perhaps you can relate: "The hard life". It's Hard Yes, there was a crowd, yes there were many testimonies. Yes, many got saved. Yet, amidst the smile, [...]

The Show Must Go On – Nepal Report 2015

We, the adults decided to sit at the back. The young men and women sat in front praising God like there was no tomorrow. There were reports that an earthquake occurred during the service. But the intense worshiping and praising going on drowned our awareness of it. Then a young man who was doing a recitation had a seizure on stage and fell, as though he had died.. He was taken out and prayed on. Just like that, and the service did not stop. I saw praise and worship like I had never seen in a long long time. My Spirit was uplifted. This is beautiful I thought. This is what we ought to enjoy as Christians - daily. The Holy Spirit Makes the Difference As the service proceeded, The Holy Spirit began [...]

If God Does Not Save Me, Then I Don’t Want To Be Saved

Whenever I am in straits, I always remind myself that if God does not save me, then I don't want to be saved. You see, this projects my confidence in God. It demonstrates my faith in His ability and without fail, God has come through each and every time. My younger brother and I have had many a silly conversation in the past. One of them has to do with ancient warfare. What would we do if we were born in the days when wars were forged with swords and shields? We joke that we would just lay down, take some blood and paint our faces, and then pretend to not be alive :) Saul Was Not Confident But this is the reality Israel faced as 36,000 Philistines marched to make [...]

Smile Nepal, God is Very Near You

One of the best part of my job is that I get to hear stories of hope, redemption, and yes, of suffering from around the world. I received a touching message on twitter from Noella. In her words: Your testimony from your profile has really inspired me. I was married in October 2013 at the age of 24 and lost my husband and first pregnancy 8 months later. Not many thought I would survive it, but each day I awake to a freshness of God's love. There's healing in my spirit and my soul. Was just inspired to share this with you sir. God bless and increase you, your ministry and family. I encourage you to watch the simply made youtube video below and tell me if you can phantom that [...]

India Crusade 2015 – Confidence in God

Provision in its smallest form requires thanksgiving and a confidence that the God that provided now will provide again, even bigger. That's why, when David faced Goliath, he had confidence that the Lord that delivered the bear and the Lion into his hands, will do the same with this uncircumcised Philistine. It's the confidence I just had as I attempted to salvage a situation with my mom's car, just before I sat down to write you. One of the front tires had irrevocably declined and needed to be changed. Stuck at night in a gas station without the know how to maneuver, I had nothing but confidence that God will come through. God's Provision And He did. I didn't even pray, I just believed. Eric pulled right next to me on his way into [...]