Watchfulness is Preparation and Waiting Produces Confirmation

The Holy Spirit led me in praying the following prayer for the Church: "Ask the Lord of the Harvest to send more workers into His harvest field because the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few". (Matthew 9:36-38). During prayer, I was led to Matthew 14:13-21 where Jesus only had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish to feed a multitude. He took the bread and fish, looked up to heaven, gave thanks, and broke the loaves. The food was multiplied feeding 5 thousand men plus an unspecified number of women and children. As I continued to press in prayer, I was given Luke 22:32 where Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith would not fail. Preparation is Key In waiting upon the Holy Spirit over a period of time, I [...]

Merry Christmas 2015

As the sun set on a humid Southern California day, we sat at the McDonald's drive thru, pondering our dire situation. She had just been sent packing from the house we stayed in. And she was pregnant. This was year 2005. The convenient thing to do was to send her back to Indiana, while I stayed back and looked for a job. Perhaps after a few week of earnings, I will be able to get an apartment and bring the family back. Long before I learned that "Jobs come and jobs go, but at the end of the day, family is all you got", God helped me choose to do the right thing. I chose to go back to Indiana with her even though we had no place to sleep, nor did we have a [...]

An Increased Capacity to Influence

 I recently met a gentleman for lunch and he told me a fascinating story. Let me share it with you. Croydon (not his real name), had the perfect life. Everything he had wanted to be as a child, he was. He had married his Bible College sweetheart. Their 19 years of fruitful marriage produced 3 handsome and healthy boys. He was ordained as a youth pastor, his dream job. Better yet, his young disciples were fervent for God, winning souls to Christ every single week. A great feeling of accomplishment washed over him every night as he said his prayers. What could be better? Life is good. Then Comes Trials And then it happened. The love of his life became the water in his blood. His wife found another man [...]

31 Days to an Unstuck and Inspired You

Ready to unravel past issues and move into the new year inspired? My new book, "31 Days to an Unstuck and Inspired You" is currently available for Pre-order on Amazon. You can own this book now for only $2.99. If you pre-order it before the 31st of December 2014, I will throw in a new bonus music track "In Jesus Name" free. But this bonus offer is only good till December 31st 2014. Some folks already pre-ordered before I could announce it. Thank you. Don't you think it's wise to invest in your spiritual growth for the new year? If you are serious about being unstuck and taking your spiritual growth to a higher level, then this book is for you. Watch the Video. Get My Copy     If you are unable [...]

Turn Around And Give Thanks

Growing up, I was enthralled by the long time it took congregants at my local Church to testify. Some got really emotional. They sang songs of anguish and joy as they told how God had delivered them. It wasn't till I was older that I understood what they were doing. They were transitioning from being healed to being whole. They were faced with hard situations and they lifted their voices to the Lord for help. God came through. They did not just sit on their couches or keep the miracle to themselves. They turned around and gave God thanks.   The Stranger Gives Thanks Jesus, walking through a village was intercepted by 10 lepers. They asked Him for help but He simply referred them to the high priest. As they went [...]

Who, Then Shall We Follow?

Who, then shall we follow? The guy with the big voice and winning smile? The woman who oozes wisdom and intelligence? The charismatic who seems packed tight with the Holy Spirit? There is only One to follow - Jesus. Seek out those Who hear His voice and obey. They know where they are going. He Who is anointed will take you to where you are to go - Jesus. Doesn't matter how we are led, or where we are led, but Who leads us. Some of us climb the mountain of cancer, walk the valley of loneliness and temptation, tread the difficult paths of this life with pierced feet, but we walk. We bleed. We weep with fear and pain. We cry out to the One Who leads us: Where [...]

Something You Do Have

I have seen many rich and powerful men who can't walk openly on the street. When they do, they are constantly watching their back, checking and verifying if anyone is trailing them and/ or trying to harm them. You on the other hand, can take a stroll to the grocer down the street and return in peace. You can sleep like a baby on the roughest floor in Delhi, waking up re-freshened to give God glory for the rising sun. You might not be as rich as they are but they are not as content as you are. You are not as powerful as they are but they are not as safe as you are.  That is something you do have. What Is In Your Hand God spoke to Moses and [...]

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