Do you remember epic moments in your childhood? I do. One of those moments was when I went with a friend to sell stolen books. We ended up not having the gumption to sell the books and decided to play video games instead. I laugh now as I remember this phase of life. We were children seeking to pay off a levy imposed by a senior bully. The queer thing is that my friend and accomplice came out of this unscathed. I on the other hand bore an excessive brunt of the repercussion. I was asked to leave the boarding house. Momma pleaded on my behalf and I was let back in the next semester but a question had been sown in my young heart. It brewed.



Why did I get punished and the other guy wasn’t? I wondered. This was not an isolated incident. It appeared I couldn’t do the cool things the other guys did and get away with it. That I couldn’t do anything wrong to save my life.  Momma said: “Others will do it and get away with it. But if you try it, you will be caught, because I pray for you”. (Ain’t we grateful for praying moms?) In other words, I couldn’t equate other people’s life opportunities to mine. It’s why Moses could speak to God face to face. There was something different about him. There is something different about me. And there is something different about you.


You Are Called Out, That’s Why!

There is an anointing on you that makes the difference. It makes you stand out. No longer can you congregate with Chickens fighting for grain when you are meant to soar the azure with Eagles – breaking bread and sharing meat. Your situation is unique. Your cause is different. You must beat your own path and pursue your own destiny. You can’t be extra-ordinary and still indulge in the drudgery-ordinary. Your status as a Christian inspires your ability to do exploits. To wrought righteousness like never before. To influence lives around you. That’s exactly who you are: You are called out, you are saved, and boy are you anointed.

And ye shall not go out from the door of the tabernacle of the congregation, lest ye die: for the anointing oil of the Lord is upon you… Leviticus 10:7