India Gospel Crusade 2018 – Led By The Spirit

My biggest achievements in life have had nothing to do with my mind's machinations. They have inexplicably been a God thing. Like how I got into ministry in the first place, how I settled in Indianapolis of all places, my family, etc. I have simply been led by God. I can take no credit. It brings better understanding to the scripture where Jesus was led into the wilderness and defeated the enemy with "It is [...]

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You Consider

I am sometimes attacked by the devil because I have chosen as my life's work to assist plundering his kingdom for heaven. Benny Hinn talked about how people often say: "Pastor Benny, you have problems?" And he replies, "Yes, even more than you." Worship leader Don Moen thought twice about releasing his hit single "I will Sing" because he felt people would think: "Don, you have such huge problems." Sometimes life offers problems just for [...]

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When Your Anointing Flows

People often ask how I got my anointing. It is a calling of which I have nothing to do with, but it stayed latent (indwelling). It started outpouring when I began to rub with God, of which I do have something to do with. Spending time with God through the study of His word, prayer, and worship brings out a stream of anointing which breaks the yoke off people lives. It never gets old. That’s [...]

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A young lady fell into the pool mistankenly and there was a reason for everyone to panic. But the young lady stopped struggling, regained her poise and started kicking her legs. As she did, she moved steadily to the side of the pool and then proceeded to come out on her own. People were relieved to know she remembered her training and used it. That inspired every other child within the vicinity to get in [...]

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The Pool Instructor

The pool instructor may have said a thousand words I didn't give heed to. Yet, something he said caught my attention. He said: "Whatever you do, keep the water moving, don't let it stagnate. Bad things happen when water is stagnant." What came to my mind was the thought of mosquitoes laying their eggs and their new offsprings terrorizing the compound. I thought of algae growth with that repulsive slimy look. I thought how quickly [...]

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Water, Blood, Life

I had the honor and divine privilege of baptizing my 11-year old daughter a few days ago. To the glory of God. It's the dream of every Christian parent, to see their children walk in newness of life that can only be found in Christ. As Meyo immersed in water and came out, she identified herself with the death and resurrection of Christ. Her belief in Jesus Christ justified her for fellowship with Him. The blood [...]

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Chase Jesus Instead

My good friend, Evangelist Danny Kioko, said something that resonated with me as we drove down to Indianapolis from O'Hare International Airport in Chicago where I picked him up after his long flight from Nairobi, Kenya. He said, "I know my God, and my God knows me - we know each other, so no problem." The conviction to which he spoke, the finality in his voice, and his nonchalant sincerity gave the statement new meaning. [...]

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