Big Mistake

Dear , By the time you read this, registration for the course: "Launch and Grow your worldwide evangelistic ministry" will be closed. However if you enroll using the link in this email, I will allow you join the cohort of students just starting the course, because I didn't send you a final reminder. The meetings in Uganda were miraculous and you can tell only God could do the things that happened there. In their celebration, the [...]

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How to Launch Your Worldwide Evangelistic Ministry

Happy New Year About two and half years ago, while working on my book, "What is God Doing Now?", the Lord impressed it on my heart to also do an accompanying course. I had thought I would get it done and launch them together. I sent an email and asked what you would like to learn from me. The 2 topics that came to the top based on responses were: How to start a ministry [...]

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One More Time

Samson, a man of destiny, could not be stopped. It didn't matter that you sent 10 enemies to him or 10,000 - he would defeat them all. His call was to bring salvation to Israel and he was well equipped for this. But for the lust of a young man, the trappings of beauty and the lure of temptation, Samson surrendered His God given purpose, on the alter of sexual pleasure. He sold his birthright [...]

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You and God. Part 2

Moses was dependent on his mom, servants and guards in the palace. But he had to flee to the wilderness, for his life, when  he drew the ire of Pharoah, by killing an Egyptian. In the wilderness, God moved him from dependence to Independence. God appeared in the burning bush and established a working relationship with Moses. With God, Moses was now ready to successfully take over Egypt, a one man invasion. But just before [...]

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You and God

est would go into the Holy of Holies once a year with a bell and a rope tied behind him. This was necessary because unholy things or people could not come before the presence of a Holy God – and live. This was true then, as it is now.

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Ace Your Crossroads

Moses stood at a crossroads. About to make a decision with far reaching consequence. He could risk his privilege by standing up for his poor and oppressed brethren. Or he could continue to live a life of pleasure, with no effort on his part. I suspect he prayed about this decision, and then chose not to take the path of least resistance. He chose to be on the right side of history, standing arm in [...]

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I am Thankful For You

Happy thanksgiving to you and your family. I'm sure you have a lot to be thankful for. That you have life, that you've been provided for this year, and that our precious Jesus Christ does not love you any less than He did last year. My team and I just got back from the missions filed in India and have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for the multitude of people that [...]

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