I once was involved in an automobile accident as a teenager growing up in Indiana. It was all my fault for quickly making a left turn while the street light was just about turning red. I struck a passenger’s vehicle lightly to the side.

My car slanted a bit but continued to roll. I was forced to make a quick decision. Do I keep going or do I stop to address the situation. I was not entirely versed with the laws of Indiana, but thankfully, I was mightily versed with my dad’s advice. In that moment, my dad’s advice came into my head: “Don’t run away from problems. Its either they kill you or you kill them”. I heeded, stopped the vehicle and came out to face my problem. Eventually, I was acquitted of any wrong doing and helped the owner of the car I struck to repair his vehicle. I found out later that according to Indiana law, I would have been arrested if I had kept on moving.

In the Bible, we hear of an eloquent speaker named Apollos who was heavily versed in scripture. This is what the Bible has to say of him:

And a certain Jew named Apollos, born at Alexandria, an eloquent man, and mighty in the scriptures, came to Ephesus. – Acts 18:24

Apollos could not be defeated in debate, in fact scriptures say he MIGHTILY convinced the Jews, in public, that Jesus was Christ. That was quite a feat for as you know, the Jews generally do not believe Jesus to be the Christ. The fact he was able to accomplish this is quite remarkable and noteworthy. But he was able to do it because he was versed in scripture. He was mighty in scripture. He was, allow me to coin a phrase, – a Scripturenaire.

It is good to aim to become a millionaire, a person of means, commanding vast amounts resources and allocating them to your heart’s desire. But it is even better to become a Scripturenaire. (These two terms are not necessarily mutually exclusive). A Scripturenaire is someone who commands a vast reservoir of God’s word. Someone who calls those things that be not as though they were. Someone who remembers God’s word when the moment calls for it. Someone who has a Bible verse for every occasion. Someone who is able to discern the will of God and apply its might in every situation. Someone who is rich in the word, in works, in faith, in love, in wisdom and in grace. In all your becoming, do become a Scripturenaire.