I recall sitting in a closet located in the basement of the University of Indianapolis student center many years ago. This closet contained the celebratory attire the waiters and waitresses wore to serve on special occasions. I remember staring at the closet mirror and seeing myself clad as a waiter. How did I get to this spot I wondered, earning minimum wage? Now all was not bad because, after-all, this was my first hourly job. The money I made from it paid my rent and cell phone bills with a little change to spare. For an 18-year old, that was not a bad deal. But I did wonder if this was what I wanted for my life? Absolutely not. The reason I waited tables, scrubbed dishes and restocked the pantry was because I was buying time for when I could do, what I was called to do. Maybe a degree would help, maybe not. But my prayers would help. I believed so, and it did. In a few short years later, I had climbed to the top rung of IT way faster than those who started ahead of me – and then I retired from it, all to focus on ministry.


Prayer Put Moses Back on Track

Moses, as an 80-year old man went about his normal business herding sheep. Yes, he was married to a godly lady. Yes, he did not lack for sustenance, and yes, he had a good life. But I suspect the work had become drudgery. Wasn’t he the one called to rescue the Israelites from the painful whip of the slave master? In a way, he was performing his calling, rescuing sheep from wolves; but he would rather do that in the big league, on a grand scale, you know, as a professional. At that same moment, the Israelites were praying for freedom, and their prayers worked. An encounter with a burning bush set Moses back on course to his destiny. He would go on to achieve freedom for his people in one year, something that takes modern democracies decades or even centuries of struggle to achieve.


Don’t Give Up on Your Call, No Matter What

Perhaps you are struggling in your day job, clocking in at dawn, and checking out at dusk. Yes, most of the bills are paid, but is this all there is to life, you ask? Or maybe you are willing to settle for any job now, just so the responsibilities are taken care of. Yet, there is a restlessness in your soul. That stirring in your spirit is God’s call on your life. You can’t shake it out any more than Jonah could avoid Nineveh. You must pursue that path no matter how long it takes or how impossible the road may seem. The key then to unlocking this destiny is prayer. I hope you are praying. Prayer does it. That’s why I want to join my faith with yours today and pray that the Lord holds you. May you not stop prematurely. May you go around that dark bend of despair into the bright light of your heavenly calling. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. And all God’s people say?

And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of Him. – 1 John 5:15