About Uche Unogu

Ask Uche Unogu why he studied and graduated from University and he won’t say he did that to get a good job, or to make lots of money. He will tell you that he, coming from West Africa with relatively limited resources, graduated with an American graduate degree just to tell others that if he could do it, they could too. And not just attend University but they can also achieve anything they desire in life irrespective of their background or past. Uche is a motivational speaker and evangelist who travels to cities around the world inspiring people to become better Christians. Uche grew up in Lagos, Nigeria before moving to Indianapolis, Indiana, to attend the University of Indianapolis (Uindy). There, he honed his Information Technology skills and learned how to effectively mine data, transforming it to information and insight. He also learned first-hand that the true reason for education is service to mankind. While in school, Uche organized and spoke at several events that inspired students to excellence. Uche received a Community Service award from the University 3 years in a row. Uche currently holds a Master Degree in Health Informatics from Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). He works with Indiana University health as a Systems Engineer. He is an avid reader and enjoys playing competitive soccer. A dual citizen of Nigeria and the United States, Uche splits his time between Indianapolis and Lagos. Uche is also the co-founder of Onyx Ministry based in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he resides with his wife Ella, and 2 daughters.

Lahore, Pakistan Gospel Crusade 2023

This was our first time ever in Pakistan. I tried to conduct an evangelistic meeting in Pakistan around 2013 but the door was not fully open yet. God's timing is always the best. Around 2019, an explosion of the gospel in Pakistan happened which was noticed around the world. Again, it was not God's timing for me to go in and do my part. Thankfully, God opened the door in 2023, and I am glad I went. Moreso, this crusade was special in that it marked my 20-year anniversary of Ministry. God has been faithful. I marveled at the testimonies of healing and salvation. The line of people that came forward to testify was so long, that we could not get to all of them for the sake of time, [...]

Haryana, India Gospel Crusade 2023

This was our first time in the great State of Haryana, India and we fully didn't know what to expect. But God came through, for His glory, bringing in droves, people hungry for His word. The gospel went out with clarity and power evident in that: 3000+ people made first-time decisions for Jesus Christ. 12000+ people were in attendance. A deaf child could hear for the first time. Ladies with severe body aches were instantly healed and felt no more pain. Many people received deliverance from manifesting demons. And many more miracles, innumerable to write about. My wife joined me this time, and we are both rejoicing, returning with the precious fruit of ministry. Please join us in praising God for doing in Haryana, what only He can do. And [...]

I Held Out for Leadership

I recently attended a leadership meeting in Chicago, filled with pleasantries and small talk. And then the bomb dropped. A lady who sat at the table said to finish out a statement: "I held out for leadership". A seemingly innocent statement, but one I could not get out of my mind. She was saying that in other for her to be in the exalted position she was in today, she had to say no to other opportunities. She had to say No first, so she could eventually say Yes to her dream. Joseph held out for leadership by saying No to Potiphar's wife. Moses said No to Pharaoh's palace, choosing to suffer instead with his brethren, and ultimately leading them towards the promised land. Jesus said No to the enticement [...]

Merry Christmas and Happy Restoration Year

You are still here. You are standing and have accomplished more than you give yourself credit for. You've learned a lot and you've grown a lot because internal growth comes from hardships. Your presence alone means you are winning. I am so proud of you and excited to see the exploits the good Lord will wrought through you next year. Keep the faith. Don't stop here, keep going, and execute the plan. When you can't run, walk, and when you can't walk, crawl. Keep going. All that the enemy stole from you this year, the Lord will restore next year in double portion, I pray and declare. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Have a merry Christmas and a restorative new year - you and your precious family. [...]

He is All We’ve Got

Covid has kept us from traveling for a while. That is why I am pleased to announce that we are having 3 mass crusades in Asia in just a few days. What a way to come back. This is glorious. Please lift me and the team up as we do all the things we do to prepare to preach this gospel entrusted to us by God. I will be in Chitwan Nepal on April 10. Then in Southern India on April 14th, and in Northern India on April 17th.  Peter appeals to me. Particularly, when he followed Jesus to the High Priest's court to see how his master and friend would end. You see, Jesus had been forsaken by all, including his disciples. Jesus was destined to go on this [...]

I Will Not be Bitter

I've had numerous emails coming in about folks getting promoted left and right. It will continue. If you haven't received yours yet, continue to be expectant, and pray. And when you do, don't forget to testify by simply replying to this email or sending an email to uche@evangelistuche.com. Yet, I must caution, getting a promotion does not mean everything in life will be great. No. There still will be hard times. Life is not fair. It's not true what they told us, that you get out of what you put in life. Many times so, but sometimes, you may put your all and get little in return.  The Role of Bitterness The key here is not to get bitter. Particularly if you'd like to keep your promotion. You can't always [...]

Your Rivers in Dry Places

This is my first letter to you this year. I hope you have already started getting your promotion. A better job, better relationships, buying new things you've always prayed for, and new doors opening left and right. This truly is your year of promotion. Believe that. Really, believe that. I will keep today's letter short and sweet as the Lord asked me to send this out before the month runs out. You don't have to go looking for agony. It will find you if you live long enough. In dry places, be observant of who God uses to irrigate you. Like He used the widow of Zaraphath to water Elijah. Understand child of God, that the dry season will end. When God provides the rain, which He will, don't forget [...]