To keep fit, I play soccer once or twice a week. Just before I step into the pitch to play, I have a certain doubtful feeling come over me. That maybe today is the day that I will not play well. Maybe today is the day I will fall flat on my face and fail. I have had very successful games over the past few weeks, but maybe today, people will get to see that I am not as good as they thought. This same doubtful thoughts attacks me professionally as well. Maybe today I won’t preach as well as I did yesterday – as if the results depend on me. It doesn’t. Results are on the shoulders of the Holy Spirit. Can you relate?


It Was No Fluke

Jesus turned water into wine at a wedding feast. I imagine a doubter who heard the news thought to herself, “Oh, it’s just a fluke”. And then word got out that Jesus had just healed the son of a nobleman. Again the market women discussed how Jesus found a plethora of fish where before, there were none. This cannot be right, the doubter thinks. I will go see for myself. His luck will soon run out. And so the doubter tracks down Jesus for herself. Just then a leper arrives asking Jesus to heal him, and Jesus obliges – just like that, in the presence of everyone, the Leper is cleansed. It didn’t matter the circumstance, Jesus Christ was on His game each and every time.


Overcoming The Doubtful Spirit

Do you feel like you have survived way too many instances, and that this time you may not survive? Have you allowed the dictum of: “You win some, you loose some” flirt with your mind? After so many wins, perhaps this time, you will loose. You feel that all you have worked for will be taken away from you this time, when in fact, it was not your work alone that got you to where you are today. You know for a fact that your efforts were inadequate. You feel this may just be the day you leap off the hill and your parachute won’t open. The way to overcome this doubtful spirit that plagues you each time you want to hit peak performance is to anchor your soul on God’s word. It is Sure.


Heaven and earth shall pass away , but my words shall not pass away – Matthew 24:35