The parking garage looked modern on the outside, but felt dingy on the inside. Dad and I sat quietly in the idling car as I waited on him to take his call before I backed out. I watched dad struggle to slide to the right, with his finger, the interface that would take the call. He wasn’t found wanting for effort. The non-intuitive design of the smartphone made it difficult. After a few tries, dad gave up, and said: “she (his wife) will call back”. I instantly recalled all the times I had felt dejected because dad didn’t pick my call. Could it be that he tried to, but the phone wouldn’t let him? I learned a new lesson on giving an extra measure of grace that day. On cutting others some more slack. On giving others the benefit of doubt.


A Necessary Gift to Reach Full Potential

Jesus applied an extra measure of grace in his dealings with a denying, inpatient and militant Simon, turning him to the Cephas (Peter) that would lead His early Church. The prodigal son enjoyed an extra measure of grace from his family after he’d squandered his dad’s wealth in riotous living. The woman at the well, the woman to be stoned, the unscrupulous tax collecting man – all needed a extra measure of grace to reach their full potential. Jesus was born to make fully available, an extraordinary measure of grace.


That Extra Measure of Grace

This festive season, you will perhaps have to endure the company of the “awkward” family member. You know, the one that opens his/ her mouth and sucks out all the joy from the room. You may have to speak with someone you haven’t spoken to all year. An act of omission or commission on the part of someone close may cause you deep hurt. If so, please remember to apply an extra measure of grace. Remembering that you still have access to come boldly to the throne of grace. And that you too have drunk deeply of God’s grace gift. Merry Christmas.

… and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again – Matthew 7:2