As a young 18 year old, I remember being handed a large check by my dad for the payment of my school fees. As far as my dad was concerned, payment had  already been made the moment he handed me the check. But I still had to make the long journey to the school, stop by the bursar’s office, and hand in the check to actualize the payment.

What if I had refused to go submit the check? The certainty exerted by my dad for payment, would not change the schools non-acceptance of me due to unpaid fees. My dad did do the paying, but I still had to actualize the payment by handing it over to the bursar.

In John 11, Jesus told his disciples that Lazarus was dead but He was going to raise Him up. Earlier in John 5, Jesus had said that He only did what He saw the father doing. In other words, his Father already showed him that Lazarus had risen. Like me journeying to school to actualize payment, Jesus only had to journey to Bethany to actualize what had already happened (the resurrection). Are you following? Stay with me. That is why Jesus prayed:

Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me and I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which stand by I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me. – John 11:41-42

Did you notice He spoke in the past tense? You are not about to hear me Father, You already did. You are not about to make this payment, you already did. You are not about to resurrect this man, it is already done. I made the trip up here just to actualize what you’ve done. Just so these people (these bursar’s), may have physical proof (check) of what you’ve already done (written and signed).

When Christ died for your sins more than 2000+ years ago, he traded your death for His resurrection. then. You stand resurrected today. The payment has been made. Now you only need to actualize that payment. You only need to be loosed and let go. Your miracle has already happened, your breakthrough has occurred, now you must break out of that failure mentality, out of that pity party. Out of that sin stricken lifestyle.  Now you must actualize the payment by being loosed and let go. I declare boldly to anything holding you back – Loose him/her and let him/ her go – Amen