In the first two installments of this teaching series, I mentioned why it is important to above all, know yourself and I offered 3 practical ways to help you begin to know yourself better. If you missed any of them, check them here: Part 1Part 2. In this final installment, I give 4 more practical suggestions in helping you know yourself. I end the series by recommend some books that will help you as well.

4.) Occasionally take long showers and long walks. Reflect while engaging in this exercise:
There is something about long walks that kicks your mind into high functioning gear. Something about it that helps you think clearly, awakens your imagination and helps you focus. Some people take prayer walks, which mean you not just think, but you pray as well. As you take a long walk or shower,  take stock of yourself, reflect – who are you? What/ who has brought you this far? What drives you? Have you accomplished goals you set previously? Are there any new goals? What have you enjoyed doing most, and what are some hard times you’ve been through? Answering these questions in deep thought will allow you paint a picture of yourself.

5.) Ask trusted friends and family members who they think you are:
The key word here is trusted friends and family members. In other words, those who have  close insight into your life based on their proximity to you. Even amongst this group, there are those who are always putting others down, marginalizing their gifts and potential – from these don’t ask who you are irrespective of how close they are to you. This is one of the easiest way to know who you are but should never stand alone in its conclusion. Ask someone close and sincere – who do you think I am? You may or may not be startled at the response but meditate on it anyway and evaluate how it ties in to the other ways you’ve used so far to discover who you are. Even Jesus asked His disciples:

… whom say ye that I am ? – Mathew 16:15

6.) What is it that when you do, you consistently get an applause for it?:
In High school, I realized that whenever I spoke in public, I always got an applause for it. It is true that most people get an applause just for public speaking but as I matured and continued to speak, people would walk up to me and ask for my business card after a speech. Others will walk up to me with a plan of action based on the speech I just delivered minutes ago. This reactions made me understand a gift God has placed in me, that of public speaking. Let me ask you, what is it that when you do it, people applaud? What is it that when you do it, people react the strongest to you. Quietly meditate on this for a few moments. It is an indication of not just what you do, but who you are.

7.) What is it that when you do it, you feel the Lord’s pleasure?:
In a previous post, I wrote on “What is My calling in Life‘. In that post I  mentioned that: God has called, gifted and anointed you for your life work. You may ask, how do I know what it is, I am gifted at? How do I know what my calling is? Here is your answer. It is in filling the blank:

When I ___________________________, I feel God’s pleasure.

Ask yourself what it is that when you do it, you feel the Lord smiling down on you in approval. Is it athletics, studying, technology, art, helping others, resource creating. Whatever it is, this is a sure indicator of who you are. You may not currently have a job that uses this skill and ability, I understand, but know without a cinch of doubt that this is who you are.

As I wrote this series, someone asked me: “could you make public, some of the books you recommend?” I thought, why not! These 10 books have helped me know myself better and will help you too. Most of them are FREE on Amazon Kindle.

1.) The Bible
2.) The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin – Benjamin Franklin
3.) My Life in Advertising – Claude Hopkins
4.) Acres of Diamonds – Russell Conwell
5.) Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill
6.) The Richest Man in Babylon – George Clayson
7.) The Battlefield of the Mind – Joyce Meyer
8.) Deep Calleth Unto Deep – Enoch Adejare Adeboye
9.) Recreating Your World – Chris Onyakhilome
10.) Gifted Hands – Ben Carson