Moses, for 40 years had studied under the best tutors money could provide. He had enrolled in the current equivalent of West Point and came out with the highest military honors. He was well mannered, versed in history and cultured to the core. Moses was second to none.

According to the Bible, Moses was also the most humble on earth. It took Moses 40 years to perfect his strategy of rescuing his brothers and sisters – the children of Israel. But he failed miserably when he began to execute. He didn’t just fail, he also became a coward and fled to the desert. Exiling in the desert, he met with God who, within a 40 year period knocked out every military education Moses had acquired. God then armed him with new tools of divine warfare:  a Stick, a belief  that He is, and a word “Let my people Go”.

As Moses marched towards Egypt to rescue the Israelites, I imagine he was met by a fellow desert dweller who asked: Bro Mo, where are you headed? I imagine Moses replying, “I am heading to Egypt to take over”. Think of it, Moses going to defy Pharaoh and the finest military on earth. I call it, A one man invasion.

Look, you may be by yourself today and feel you can’t achieve much, but God does not work in crowds, He works with individuals. You may feel lonely right now but you are not alone. He says :

…I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee. Hebrews 13:5

Don’t think you can’t make a difference – you can. Continually submit yourself to God and keep trusting in Him. He has all it takes to turn you from someone in recluse to a one man invasion.