There was a season in my life many years ago when, as an international student, I struggled with my academic performance. Granted, I had a lot of things I was dealing with which I don’t believe someone my age should have dealt with at the time, but it was what it was.

My grades slipped none the less. Enter Libby Davis, Assistant Director of Career services at the University of Indianapolis. Quick background on Libby, she and her husband Dick took me to my first church service in the United States, helped me out with laundry on occasion and basically adopted me as one of their own.

Libby found out about my academic struggles and said words to me that I have not forgotten since. In fact, I still use her tenets of wisdom in my daily life. She said:

Uche, if you will just go to class, that is a C. Now, if you will go to class and then do your assignment, that is a B. If you go to class, do your assignment and then read your text, that is an A.

Basically she is saying that if I show up, if I get my work done, and if I read, I should not just be passing, but be hitting A’s. She served me with those words and predictably, my grades turned around for the better.

I have found this simple, down to earth message to be universally true for life in general. That If you will just show up (be it at your job, your relationships your responsibilities, your calling) , if you will get your work done, (whatever that maybe) and if you will read, (yes read, as in read books); you will hit A’s with a consistency that will make the Sun jealous. I pray you are encouraged to always:

Show Up,
Get it done and